About Me

Hi my name is Marieanne Elliott. Welcome to my balloon

decoration website.

Below is a brife account of how it all started.


I wanted our wedding to be.. You know white dress grand
reception with all the trimmings...

But as the bill began to mount and the day looming ever closer
we could not afford all the things we wanted. So that's when I
thought I would make all my own decorations and flowers...

In so doing I cut our wedding bill in half. We had a fabulous wedding.
Everyone asked who did the decorations and when I told them it was
myself, "husband" my daughter and step daughter. They all said WOW
you should start a business doing that you're great at it...and the rest they say is HISTORY...

Let me make your day...A day to remember, and the party the talk of the town...

And be assured I will work to your budget, no bursting your bubble with a hefty bill at the end.



Just added Old 2 New Crafts

All types of crafts, Old & New. If like so many of us crafters we watch the TV craft channels, to get ideas. i hope to do that for you and make it just that little bit more afordable.

I would like to set up a craft classes, but would need to know how many are interested.

So please email me and tell me your crafts you like to do. use BBM email until i get new one off the ground.