Gift in a Balloon or balloon in a box


Balloons in a Box

Sending a Balloon in a box is a great idea not just for Birthdays, 

but for Anniversary, Get well, Wedding, Graduation.

What ever you want to celebrate there is a balloon for it.

We can deliver a balloon to arrive tomorrow or you can order it months in advance!

Brighten a loved one's day and send them a marvellous,

floating, bright balloon surprise! see below for more ideas...

Prices start from £6


Send a soft toy or any other gift inside a clear 18" balloons.

(Hand delivery only)

Below are just a few ideas for a balloon in a box or balloon bouquets. all prices start at £6


Valentines Day Balloon in a Box

Valentines Day Balloons! A Valentines Day gift should be big, bold, sexy and full of love! Send a Valentines balloon or six! Your Valentines will be as impressed as a National Lottery Winner! Valentines Balloon Bouquets will be specially created to coordinate with your chosen balloon, this usually means red hearts! Make someone happy and send a Valentines balloon today!  


Mothers Day Balloon in a Box

This Mother's Day, send Mum some fantastic balloons! Mum deserves an extra special present and will be hugely impressed with the thought you have put into it. There are amazing shapes and lots of sizes. We can send Mum a giant balloon or even a special Mother's Day six balloon bouquet; We will decorated the main balloon to match to give it the best wow effect! You can send your Mother's Day gift to arrive before Mother's Day as we will put 'Do not open until Mother's Day' on the box. This will only add to the anticipation!


Fathers Day Balloon in a Box

Dad’s are very difficult to buy for. This is because he is bored of socks and he isn't bothered about chocolates. and a new car is probably a bit out of your price range. So on Father's Day, why not get him some balloons!? He will love the surprise and the banter will be epic.


Engagement Balloon in a Box

Engagements and engagement parties can go with a bang with one of our fantastic engagement balloons. Okay, so it isn't quite as good as a big fat ring, but is does float and it is very shiny! If you want even more bling, then add a glass ring as a balloon weight. We add matching helium foil balloons to create a spectacular display. Up to the price you want to pay.


Get Well Soon Balloon in a Box

If someone you know is ill and needs cheering up, there is no better way than with our fantastic, spectacular and really quite good Get Well Balloons! We can send a balloon in a box or a even a balloon bouquet to any address, even hospitals. Please note: although you can no longer send flowers to hospitals, you can still send balloons!  


Wedding / Anniversary Balloon in a Box

Weddings are special, wonderful and usually very flamboyant, much like our balloons! Make a unique day even better with a huge bouquet of wedding balloons. If you can't be there, or even if you can, these balloons will brighten up even the brightest of wedding days. Your balloon gift can arrive before or even on the day!  



Any of the balloon in a box range can be changed to suit your needs, and a price to fit your budget.