Old 2 New Crafts


Hi everyone this is the start of my business alongside Balloons By Me.

Here i  hope to help you with your passion for all things hand made.

Old2New craf ts is a cross over between crafts made as in the olden days and modern crafts of today. I hope to cover the following crafts.

Papercrafts, Sewing, Home Crafts, Art, Jewellery and add many more.

With ideas from Brother Scan N Cut, Todo, Accuquilt, Tattered Lace, Beads Direct, and many more.



keep an eye open, i will be adding photo's soon.

call me to ask more.


you can email me at BBM or me@old2newcrafts.co.uk

just tell me what you are looking for or what you would like to make.

i am also thinking of doing workshops of the above crafts. if you are interested please get in touch. The more that apply i can then hire a hall and we can meet up once a week and learn & play.